Need some new books to read? Hamilton City Libraries are proud to offer a contactless book-borrowing service: Library Click and Collect.


How does it work?

Simply select which book pack is right for you from the four choices below, fill out the online form or call our friendly library staff and we will create a pack based on your personal reading preferences. You can request a book pack of up to ten books that will be then set aside for you to collect at a date  and library of your choosing. It’s your pack so let us know the genres and the subjects you would like to see included and we will endeavour to find you the books we know you will love.

Note: you will need your library card in order to request the Click and Collect service. 

Alternatively you can call your preferred library, Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm, and place your order over the phone:

Central Library

07 838 6824

Chartwell Library

07 838 6844

Dinsdale Library

07 838 6855

Glenview Library

07 838 6821

Hillcrest Library

07 838 6849

St Andrews Library   

07 838 6847

Once we have your order, we will select the books to best match your request. We will then be in touch to let you know when your book pack is ready to collect.

Disclaimer: We will do our best to source items based on the information you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have reached my borrowing limit, am I able to order a Click and Collect?
A. Yes, for a limited time Hamilton City Libraries are allowing the extension of borrowing limits for the click and collect service.

Q. What happens if I am unable to collect my order at my allocated time?
A. Please contact your pick up library as soon as possible, so that we may organise an alternative pick up time.

Q. How many books can I borrow?
A. Click and collect packs will be made up of 10 books.

Q. Can I borrow DVDs?
A. No, we will not be including DVD's, Magazines, Kits, Talking Books, or Puzzles in the Click and collect packs. You can still access our eAudiobooks, eMagazine and Beamafilm. More info on these services are on our eCollections page.

Q. Can I have someone else collect on my behalf?
A. Yes, please fill in the appropriate field in the online form or let staff know when booking via the phone. Your nominated pick up person will need to have your library card number.

Q. How do I request this service?
A. Click and collect can be booked via our website (click on one of the links above) or by calling your local library.

Q. How quickly will I get my books?
A. We aim to have your click and collect bundle ready for pick up within 48 hours of your order. Please note that due to limited staffing numbers and high demand this may change. We appreciate your understanding.

Q. How many times can I request this service?
A. To allow as much of our community to access this service as possible, we ask that you only use this service once per week. 

Q. I feel I need to wipe the books down before and after using them. What can I clean the library books with?
A. If a book has a plastic cover it can be cleaned by spraying surface cleaner on to a paper towel and then wiping the cover.

Q. I only have a digital/temporary membership, can I still use this service?
A. Unfortunately not. The online services will still be available for you.